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Mathematical Board Game

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Mathematical Board Game
Mathematical Board Game Mathematical Board Game Mathematical Board Game Mathematical Board Game Mathematical Board Game
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  • Cultivate your child's ability to think,count and improve their overall ability.
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Size (length*width*height): 22.5cm x 21.5cm x 5.8cm
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Mathematical Board Game


The player randomly throws three numbers and uses the addition,subtraction,multiplication and division to get the number of the game board.



How to play:

1.Each player randomly selects a game board and assings a set of color game rings,placing the dice in the middle of the desktop and starting the game.

2.The player takes turns to roll the dice,according to the number of the dice,adds,subtracts,multiplies and divides to get any number on the game board and put on the game ring,for example:roll the number 1,2,5,then 5-2+1=4,also (1+2)x5=15.

3.Only one number can be put on one game ring for one round,When the number that be thrown cannot match the number on the game board which doesn't have game ring on it,it is the turn of the next player to continue the game.

4.The player who first fills the game board with the game ring is the winner.


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