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Ice Cream Tower Games

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Ice Cream Tower Games
Ice Cream Tower Games Ice Cream Tower Games Ice Cream Tower Games Ice Cream Tower Games
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Size (length*width*height): 31.5cm x 23cm x 6cm
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Ice Cream Tower




To Play:
The ice cream scoops come on a tray, ready for scooping! Remove the plastic cover and you're ready to play. Place the ice cream cone on the cone base. The youngest player begins.

On your turn, using the scoop, choose which flavor you want to begin with, scoop it up and put it on the cone, continue to scoop up ice cream flavors, stacking the cone higher and higher.

Count the scoops as you play.Can you get all 12 on the cone? If the cone fall off the cone, your turn is over. How many scoops did you stack before it fell? Write this down on the Score pad.It's the next player turn. The game continues until all players have scooped and stacked.

When all the players have had a turn,the player who Stacked the most wins, If there is a tie, Players compete again, until there is one winner.


Variation Of Play:
In this version of the game. players take turns adding scoops to the cone.The youngest player begins by choosing of flavor, scooping it up and putting it on the cone. The next player now adds his/her favorite flavor.

As player take turns choosing their scoops and adding them to the ever-growing cone, it becomes wiggly-wobbly. Watch out the scoops don't fall! If, during your turn, any Scoops fall off, you are out of the game. The remaining player now start again, taking turn scooping and stacking. The games continues until there is just one player who hasn't caused any scoops to fall off!



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